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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 8, 2018 10:00pm-10:44pm PDT

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a wildfire in napa county forcing a number of evacuations, fire crews attempting now to gain control of the flames.>> evacuation orders have expanded as crews battle a fast-moving wildfire. a helicopter flew the fire a few hours ago to get a birds
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eye view. the fire broke out around 3:30 this afternoon and has grown to 1700 acres. you can see the flames and smoke are so heavy officials are urging people living near the west side from pole creek bridge to the napa county line to evacuate the area if they haven't already.>> the fire is burning just northwest of the lakes and it's an unincorporated area of napa county. >> the fire has been burning for 7.5 hours now and it is already 1700 acres, how fast is this fire burning and how does it compare to ones we have seen recently?>> what we are seeing right now is the typical late- season fire behavior, we get wind and it's dry, so the moisture is at critical levels. we are seeing fire behavior moving at rates as d or extreme spread. one of the factors we are
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dealing with a peer is a lot of this area is inaccessible. we don't have traditional roads to get in and around these fires. it limits our availability -- ability to engage in and also wind. >> do you know how many residents are affected by the evacuation orders that have been issued? >> yes, about 180 structures right now are under mandatory evacuation orders and one thing we reiterate is that if you are in an area that is under evacuation, the time to leave is now. these are remote areas, lots e gets to you it can be too late. we are asking everybody who does live inof the nighttime hours, but you can tell that it has not slowed as we go through the night.>> you
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mention the challenges with accessing some of the areas there and tackling that fire, can you talk about the plan moving forward to attack the fire and maybe some of the challenges my face over the coming days?>> so the real plan of attack is to use any reduction in the wind and temperatures coming down to get some crews on the actual threat, so that's a lot of times using bulldozers or firefighters with hoses. as the sun comes up in the morning tankers flying and they will really try to work to put down some retardant on the fire tomorrow to slow down the progression as it starts to warm up again. we do have a large cooperative mutual aid system in place right now. have resources coming from
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as far as santa barbara and sammartino to come to this fire.>> thank you so much for your insight. our meteorologist also keeping an eye on the fire tonight.>> these fires are developing with the warming temperatures, today we had some 90s return to portions of the bay area. with that fire danger on the increase, it's very dry this time of year, very limited moisture. no moisture in the brush across portions of northern california. current numbers temperatures are in the 60s, out to that used 83 degrees a route 6 to 8 hour. it's backing off a little bit. here's the forecast for tomorrow. a low of 54 degrees, a high lower 90s.
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tomorrow light wind, our forecast animation with the wind speed, this is sunday morning. as we had into the afternoon hours that wind is definitely on the increase coming out of the west to the northwest around 15 to 18 miles an hour. this will be a challenge as we get into some afternoon. another warm and dry forecast. an update on the delta fire burning since wednesday, it has grown to well over 40,000 acres and it is still 0% contained. the fire is burning in dry terrain that is difficult for firefighters to access like what we are seeing infire . the is about 10 miles north of
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reading. the closures are about 3.6 miles south of mount shasta.>> got up to take that detour, i think it was 299, then there was an accident there with a semitruck. my firefighters say they hope to have it contained by september 22. the san francisco-based chapter issued a community security advisory today after an anti-semitic flyer from a former group were found posted. the concern comes as the jewish high holidays are about to be observed.>> local police are trying to determine what as you mentioned five bay area synagogues received those hateful flyers and a warning for some of our viewers tonight, you might find the
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image offensive.>> reporter: it happens way too often after anti-somatic flyers have been found circulating at synagogues in the east bay.>> it's always going to be around. anti-semitism is something in our society. it flares up every so often.>> reporter: one was found this morning by a member. in the center of the flyer alex jones, with a jewish star covering his mouth and two jewish men laughing in the background. the top reads the dues stormer talk to you by your local stormer club which is a neo- nazi website. communicating with relevant law enforcement agencies and secure
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community network about this situation although it does not appear that any crime has been committed to this point. the police department is holding one flyer for examination and promise to increase security. >> we are taking additional security measures to protect our confidence during the upcoming high holidays. these hate groups stand for the very opposite of our values of love and inclusivity. we are fortunate to have a warm and close knit community that will not be cowed by attempts to intimidate. the flyer was permanently banned from twitter for abusive behavior. apple, google and modify also restricted the reach of jones and info wars which they say was reporting -- promoting hate speech.>> it might happen a little post but thank god there was no physical violence against people. i guess we have a first
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amendment right to say nasty things but nothing happened. >> police are dusting that flyer for fingerprints, we were unable tonight to get an update on this investigation. fire investigators are trying to figure out what started a house fire that claimed the life of an elderly man. the fire broke out before 6:00 last night near hillsdale boulevard the victim was a 76- year-old man who died at the scene. at least one other person was displaced by the fire. the speculation of which white house official broke that much discussed ad in the new york times. alleging trumps own team has been working against chief executives agenda. nobody wants to get to the bottom of this mystery more than presidents trumped us. >> reporter: considering legal action against the new york times and he wants jeff sessions to investigate and figure out who wrote the
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offense.>> i would say jeff should be investigating who the authors were. it's a matter of national security. >> reporter: the new york times says if the department of justice gets involved it would be a blatant abuse of government power. the president was exposing his frustration with it not ordering federal prosecutor to take action. officials cabinet members have denied writing it, the president could think of four or five potential authors. he has not made any of them but said does not believe it was a high-level official. the search for the author is overshadowing friday's very good jobs report. another topic hanging over the white house is the special counsel investigation. a federal judge sentenced papadopoulos to 14 days in
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prison. for lying to the fbi. papadopoulos reportedly helped initiate the russia probe according to reports after a night of drinking in may 2016 he told an australian diplomats that russia had political dirt on hillary clinton. the president has denied any sort of collusion with russia and the trump campaign, he says he did not know him very well. there appears to be a solution to help the problem of the garbage. tropical storm florence gaining some strength, it could
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become a major hurricane bringing risk to the east coast. the preparations are underway.
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a small earthquake shook the east bay just after one a clock this afternoon. magnitude 2.8 earthquake hit near oakland. in just 45 minutes more than 300 people have reported the earthquake. inspectors needed to make sure
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the earthquake did not cause any damage. officials say there were no issues with the tracks. an environmental group is taking on a massive pile of floating garbage in the pacific ocean. the efforts set sail today from san francisco with a giant barrier that will trap any plastic and other garbage that floats into it. if successful the group's founder wants to use more around the world.>> a giant floating trash collector, the first and largest of its kind launched from san francisco's pier 41 on a mission to collect plastic and other debris floating on the surface of the ocean. the project was created by an inventor who first came up the he describes the project like a big pac-man.
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>> reporter: his team visited what's known as the great pacific garbage patch, halfway between california and hawaii were more than 80,000 tons of plastic are said to be floating. the contraption was built and saturday set sail on a test run over the san francisco bay. it will be tested about 275 miles off the coast. the project consists of a series of connected pipes that stretch the length of the five football fields. if this is successful the plan is to launch even more systems and in the next two years the goal is to clean up 50% of the garbage in the garbage patch. the fire department welcomes the voyage with a water solution. people cheered as it coasted under the golden gate bridge.>> we have been looking forward to this for the past five years. on one hand it's a big milestone but on the other hand the next few months are going to be nerve-racking.>>
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reporter: scientists have criticized the project concerned it could harm marine life. they are not convinced that it will survive at sea. hurricane olivia has weakened to a category one as it continues to move towards a wife. search and rescue teams found -- on their way to help. the task force deployed today. olivia is expected to weaken when it reaches hawaii early next week, members of the team just returned home on august 31 from their weeklong response to uncertain to know whether the will almomajor hurricane. that thread alone has officials preparing for the worst.>> reporter: florence is only going to get stronger as it moves over warm water.
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potentially slamming into the east coast next week as a high category hurricane.>> we don't know what the chances are that it will hit us and if so what kind of blow or wear and we don't know when.>> reporter: it could shift directions away from the u.s. that is driving virginia and the carolinas to do emergency preparations now. >> we don't know if it will change but we are preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.>> reporter: people in bermuda are not waiting, windows are boarded up around the island. tourism has come to a steering ships away from the area.>> eng canada.>> i packed everything i probably won't need.>> reporter: westerners are still dealing with remnants of the tropical storm gordon. even now it's expected to bring
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heavy rain and possible flooding. the u.s. navy is also in preparation mode ships are expected to leave east imports and had out to see where they can better handle this letter. -- weather. a bit of a cooldown expected for portions of the bay area tomorrow, a quick update on all that activity. just showing you the global perspective here, both in the atlantic basin and the pacific basin as we coming closer now. showing you this hurricane olivia, category one it will weaken into a tropical storm but still capable of producing flooding rainfall for portions of the islands. florence now developing and it will be strengthening. right now wins at 70 miles per hour, moving west at about six miles per hour. these are the potential tracks,
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at least with the forecast models are saying. they are all converging towards one point, there's still some uncertainty but it looks like a heads up for the east coast especially on high alert for the carolinas. this is from hurricane center into tuesday, wednesday and thursday. everything above a category three or four are all major hurricanes and we could be talking about a major hurricane making landfall by sometime wednesday or thursday. we will be tracking that over the next few days, that could be a serious situation. mostly clear skies out here in the bay area, more sunshine for portions of the bay area. northerly wind setting up, typically you get that wind and the fog clears out, that happened today. we could have some patches return tomorrow coast side and right around the bay. it's still pretty warm, 70
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degrees, san francisco 58 and santa rosa in the lower 60s. the forecast model not showing much cloud cover, this is 7:00 but we could have some patches especially coast side. into the afternoon hours more sunshine, maybe some haze and with that fire starting in portions of napa county some of that could be drifting closer to the bay area. that could impact our area tomorrow. we are taking temperatures down a few degrees from today's highs, still the warmest locations into the upper 80s close to 90 degrees. sunday more significant cooling showing up, major drop off of temperatures in the five-day forecast. southwest airlines dealing with a nightmare, a possibly -- possible measlemeasles
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exposure. a texas police officer shot and killed a man in his apartment. the charges she could be facing.
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in 2011, california passed a law requiring carbon monoxide alarms in single-fami... (beeping) single-family homes. that was seven years ago. (beeping) carbon monoxide alarms... (beeping) (annoyed sigh) ...typically last (beeping) seven to ten years. which means california's about to start hearing a lot of this... (silence) but you can beat the b... (beeping) huh-huh. by getting a new kidde carbon monoxide alarm now. beat the beep by going to your local walmart to find the kidde solution that's right for you.
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(beeping) huh. passengers on for southwest airline flights have been exposed to measles. on august 21 and 22nd at texas residents connecting through houston's airport the person was contagious of measles and health officials are concerned about a possible outbreak because vaccinations are down in the states. southwest is working with disease control and prevention to notify passengers about the possible exposure. the investigation continues in the shooting of an off-duty police officer, the officer claimed she thought she was in her apartment. authorities are trying to figure out what happened here.>> everybody recognizes the strategy.>> reporter: a
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dallas police officer expected to face manslaughter charges in the fatal shooting of her neighbor. the texas rangers are taking over the investigation. b mac for anybody who questions that we are going to get to the truth of this, there should be no doubt. we will find out exactly what happened.>> reporter: the off- duty officer was coming home from work thursday night in uniform when she mistook the man's apartment for her own. she actually lives one floor down and the victim has a clear marker outside his door.>> right in front of his house he has a red floormat.question lik the officer got into john's home, whether the door was locked and if the two spoke right before the shooting. neighbors tell police they only recall the sound of a gunshot and the officer screaming before she called 911. at a vigil friday night many called for the officers
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arrest.>> we are here to ask that this officer be treated like any other suspect. >> reporter: people remembering the 26-year-old as a well-known member of the dallas community. the graduate worked for a local accounting firm and had the potential to be a great leader for the city. investigators are looking into whether drugs or alcohol may have been involved or fatigue. an army veteran has come out with a response to the new just do it ad campaign. nike released an ad last week featuring trenton -- airbnb one. that sparked a polarizing debate. one person turned his anger into action. tyler merritt used his clothing company to create a short period is printed with a flag that looks like the nike symbol
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and the words just stand printed across it. the former captain knows he -- says he knows all too well with sacrifices.>> the word sacrifice is something severe. when you try to make that parallel between amazing football player on his way up anyways to decide to use this platform to promote what i think is himself, it takes away from the sport.>> the clothing company is named for a military discussed call, a portion of all of it goes to causes for veterans in need. a global cult, protesters in san francisco demanding action. you made it to the hearing, what's xt for kavanaugh? we have details when we come back.
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a climate change summit takes place in san francisco next week, demonstrators today though hit the streets calling for more action to combat climate change. protesters want to see a shift to a renewable energy economy.>> this is the first time san francisco has hosted the march. they coincide with other marches across the country and also with a very important state coming up. >> reporter: the climate margin san francisco comes days ahead of the global climate action summit on september 12. governor jerry brown organize the summit after president trump pulled the united states out of the paris climate agreement. civil organizations gave voice to relations hurt by climate change.>> we know what's really happening and we don't want to be the sacrifice.
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we have indigenous people facing their homelands in alaska, their rich beautiful land is being lost because of the fires. our elders told us we have to take action and that's why we are here. community first, not corporation.>> reporter: demonstrators want leaders to take more steps to combat global warming.>> we policies based on community solutions, transitions from the fossil fuel economy to one that is based on the renewable clean energy economy that has access to clean well-paying jobs for those workers. >> reporter: they urged others to get involved. to strengthen the political
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power of those fighting for the environment.>> if you live in california you know from wildfires, to drought, to rising sea levels our state is at risk. fortunately you live in one of the best places to take action. get involved in your town, you can be part of going to 100% renewable energy. you can stop the coal export. you can promote proper transportation. >> similar protests have happened in paris today. more than 19,000 people took part in the demonstration as part of an international movement called rise for climate. scientists warned that the world would have to stop admitting all greenhouse gases in the next 50 years in order to meet the goals of the 2015 paris climate agreement. i went for environmentalists today, jerry brown signed blocking offshore drilling of
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the coast. the legislation was introduced after president trump announced plans to allow drilling off most of the country's coastline. he also announced his opposition to the president's plan to expand oil drilling on public land in california. all this coming ahead of the governors action summit which will take place on wednesday. the summit aims to bring leaders together from all over the world to discuss climate change. the summit will also celebrate the progress made by communities around the globe. today oakland headquarters reopened in the lakeshore neighborhood. last time she ran for mayor she used the same building, it will serve as the base of operation for volunteer activities.>> we
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are finally pulling desperately needed housing. those cranes you see up in the sky are about to deliver 6656 units of housing so that the people moving into oakland have discovered how cute we are. they don't push out. the people who have called this city home for generations.>> wanted to be done to support the housing that the city is on the right track she says. president trump is praising a bill that makes it easier for the are meant to deport undocumented immigrants to commit -- to commit serious crimes. the democrats say the bill actually is not clear at all and accused the republicans of rushing into about.>> it was
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introduced just last week, while members were out of town and it's being rushed to the floor today without any hearings, any markup, any adequate opportunity for review by the public, legal experts or stakeholders.>> the immigrant resource center among the groups lined up or opposition saying the group expands the deposition of criminal acts in order to increase deportation. the next stop is the senate. the take for supreme court has completed the first major part of the confirmation process, the hearing. the question remains what is next for kavanaugh? >> reporter: kavanaugh sat through hours of questioning, procedural fireworks between senators and protesters. now it's up to the committee to vote on kavanaugh and send his nomination to the floor so the senate can provide advice and consent. 21 senators serve on the committee, split between 11 republicans and 10 democrats.
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if kavanaugh was not so controversial the committee could consider on september 13. budget allows for a weeklong delay. the outcome will likely follow along party lines. then it's onto the floor. senators consider the nomination of neil corset. the bar was lowered from 60 votes to a simple majority. john kyle, the successor to john mccain 51 votes to end the debate. the procedural votes should fall monday september 24. once the senate votes to end the debate it's a matter of time. a confirmation vote on kavanaugh is expended -- expected september 26.
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the weekend off to a warm start, mostly clear skies. cooler temperatures coming, we will highlight the forecast coming up reinforcement --.
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♪ (music throughout)
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we had some warm temperatures, yesterday and today return of 94. in san jose 84. san francisco in the upper 60s today. satellite showing this, clear skies for a good portion of our coastline. a few patches of fog redevelop
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as we head into the overnight hours. once again talking about that northern flow and a new fire, the snell fire running now. we could have some smoke drift in to the bay area, so attracting more haze in the sunday forecast. current numbers, we have conquered 70. san jose 66, san francisco in the upper 50s and santa rosa 62. there's wind out toward fairfield, 17 miles per hour and more, sfo 14. it will increase throughout the afternoon hours tomorrow, maybe up to 25 miles per hour for portions of the coastline. we could have some patches form out here as we head into early
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sunday morning. overnight expecting partly cloudy skies, a the upper 40s. especially in this area of high pressure one this up yesterday and today. it begins to back of -- off for tomorrow. it's still warm inland, close to 90 degrees as far as the major drop off of temperatures we have that as well. a bit of a preview of fall as we head is next week. here is the forecast model, not much fog tomorrow morning but into the afternoon hours partly to mostly sunny skies. some warm numbers inland, bradys, close to 90 degrees but most areas begin to cool off a bit sunday. highs tomorrow, santa rosa 89. the five out toward antioch,
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oakland in the 70s right around 73 more neighborhoods san jose lower 80s, san francisco upper 60s. a look ahead, your five-day forecast. no major heat showing up in our forecast. we are cooling things off, by wednesday the warmest locations in the 70s to right around 80. more significant cooling showing up in this forecast. the a's were at home today against the rangers. >> sanford down taking on usc in an early showdown.
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(music throughout) and i am a certified arborist for pg&e.ughes i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work,
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we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
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serena williams emotional u.s. open final in a moment, but first stanford at home in a big early-season matchup with usc, david shaw leads to charge. bryce love trying to bounce back with a big game after he 29 yard efforts. nearly matching the total this run. love the drive from six yards out. when he breaks outside, nobody is going to touch him. 7-0 cardinals. second quarter now, costello. the throw to parkinson. he dragged that back foot, the
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left foot was out but the right foot was in. touchdown, 14-0. later in the red zone, second pick of the day the cardinal prevents the touchdown and the first time since september 3, 2016 the trojans did not score a touchdown in a game and stanford wins 17-3. for the bears it continues to be all about defense. a couple fans here making the trip to provo utah, first- quarter no score until garber finds a wide open path. he gets behind the defense. there it is, 7-0. garber, a 52 yard touchd


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